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Searching For Purpose

Anyone who’s close to me recently knows the changes God is making in me. I have seen around me the things that we hear about in church regularly, about being looked at strangely by the world when you live passionately for Christ, even by the people close to you, who know you. I never thought I would be one of those “weird” people that many people feel a little more uncomfortable around. I see in a new way, I live for a new purpose. I wish I can show people what I feel, and what has been revealed to me, but I know that I can’t. The ones who know, are the ones who've seen, and that’s simply the only way to understand.

I was saved when I was in my mid-teens, at a youth camp, and at that very moment had a feeling inside of me that was indescribable and undeniable. That feeling slowly faded and leveled off as I re-entered the world and continued to live a worldly life, I had allowed my relationship with Christ to grow distant. I was “luke-warm”. Oh how many years it took me to realize …

A New Light

Today we got to spend a few hours with the Kami family from Bhutan/Nepal. We spent most of the time with the kids, as Sukmaya (grandma) and Bishnu (mom) were taken to get some paperwork filled out. I must say, for both Cathy and I, that this is an entirely new world for us. Being involved in a ministry like this shines a new light onto what things are important in the world, and what petty things we so easily allow ourselves to get consumed by on a regular basis.

Pictured to the right is Ruth, the eldest of the four Kami kids. She loves getting her picture taken and knows how to have fun outside. She looks after her siblings very well, and was a great help with taking care of the others. Ruth is already starting to say her ABC’s and can sing a little bit of English songs on cartoons. She likes to look through the bible and sings a LOT! You can actually here some praise words in their songs.

After watching the family for a few hours, we took off and started moving things into their apa…