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What is the Church

One of the many topics on my mind as of late has been church structure and strategy. I am surprised to see in various areas, including Douglas, when multiple churches are erected and separately managed. It is unavoidable and understandable that there are those that depart from sound teaching and are given over to their depraved minds. Nonetheless there is a simple fact, there is one church, one Body of Christ. Some would say that they each have their own purpose, though I don’t support that. I believe there should only be one Bible believing and Bible teaching church within each community or city limits that is understood to be the church in that area. Over the decades and centuries we have clearly divided over preference, ritual, and other areas where such division is simply wrong. If we do not agree it could be an opportunity to sever a relationship and seek like-minded individuals to validate ourselves, but rather than divide, we should grow. We learn from each other, grow and supp…