Be Careful What You Pray For

“You ask and do not receive, because you ask wrongly, to spend it on your passions.”
My oh my, the depth of His Truth, the continuous challenge of growth, and the purpose He desires to show us!

Over the last few months we’ve been contemplating what seemed like a worthwhile opportunity to expand our backyard into an additional two lots, by purchasing a foreclosure next door. Oddly, this is during a time that we’ve been actively and passionately ridding ourselves of needless possessions and wasted spending, in an effort to invest more in the active and ever-present spiritual war that is going on in this world! My rationalization was that it was for a good cause, our family, our children, and enjoyment. Of course we want everything for our children. But the fight against the comforts and luxuries and other desires of this world are never-ending! It is a fight worth fighting!

Our purpose, our reason for existence, our “plan” that is so quickly missed in many lives... We are created for Gods glory! To enjoy him and his magnificence and his spring of abundant life that he wants everyone to experience! “Follow me”, He says, “all authority in heaven and earth has been given to me, go therefore and make disciples of all nations...”. Oh the depth and extensive battle that is taking place on this planet! Be the light and show Christ to the lost, hope to the poor, encouragement to our brothers and sisters! The more involved I get in Kingdom work, the more staggeringly clear the spiritual realm of this world around me becomes. I can still hear the words echoing in my head from a self-proclaimed atheist, “how much do you have to hate somebody to believe that eternal life is attainable and yet not share that with them?” Desiring Gods Kingdom on earth is to seek and save the lost and prepare for eternity with Him! That is my purpose. That is our purpose, during this short life in this fallen world! Oh the temptations of the world! The luring away... the distraction... comfort and possessions, all the while souls are perishing... Buy more! Want more! Need more! The Devils lure... wide is the path that leads to destruction... Satan smiles, as he benches another potential Soldier of Gods Kingdom. Not I! Away from me Satan!  

We’ve prayed for leaders to rise up here. God answered. We’ve prayed for the Holy Spirit to begin stirring hearts. He answered. We've prayed for guidance and clear purpose. God is powerfully answering these prayers! It is only the beginning. We are at the frontlines of a battle here in Douglas and the enemy is becoming worried and reacting! We are mobilizing! I've frequently wondered in the past when I heard others talking of such things, things that never seemed to be clearly put into words when others would so passionately speak of them. Now it is I at a loss for words when trying to explain the power of the Holy Spirit moving in and around me, so clearly, yet difficult to find words to describe... People are responding to the gospel of Christ, leaders are rising, Satan is attacking the Church... I can see clearly now...

I sought reason for God bringing us to Douglas, remaining in a secular job (as many are to remain), and not allowing us to go to France as we had hoped to be used there... Gods Will, not mine be done! I still hope for the opportunity to serve full-time to unreached people one day, but will serve here as long as he would have me remain.

What does all this have to do with a bigger yard? Everything. We are discovering what it is to trust in Jesus, time and time again. I realize that when my prayers are his, my life is his, that it is not I who live, but Christ who lives in me! So I shouldn't have been too surprised when I asked God if we should refinance the house and absorb another property, growing ours, that His plan might be a little different. “Lord, give me clarity in this decision, should I purchase more property? Would it be a wise investment?” … “No”, he answered. Now I would have been content with that... but then he added, “now sell yours”. Whoa whoa whoa, Lord... whoa... I.. but... where... … … Yes, Lord.

With company coming, a child on the way, not knowing where we'll live, and a number of other reasons to avoid (or at best postpone) a decision like this, we are faced with a reality of complete obedience to God in His timing. Something I've been guilty of in the past is attempting to "rationalize", put off, or even ignore guidance from the Holy Spirit which seemed illogical or untimely. However, the fact is that obedience to God isn't obedience if it's done in our timing and not His. The most significant times of spiritual growth and joy we've experienced has been when we live with complete abandon to Christ.

Now in such drastic life-altering decisions I heavily rely on the Holy Spirit bringing unity in my marriage. Cathy loves our home. Sure it has its burdens and issues, but it fits us well and we've been happy here. Good luck with this one Jesus! She doesn't want to let this one go! Well, he brought unity, and now we will obey. I’m not sure if this will work out like France did and fall through but change our course while strengthening us, or if it will sell and lead to the obvious. Regardless, the purpose is to follow Jesus faithfully and passionately to and through the unknown, reduce our living costs, and go all-in for Gods Kingdom.

I will not waste another day investing my life into the things that will end with this world. I will not raise my children to seek happiness and joy in the things of this world. Our joy will be in our Lord Jesus Christ. Our happiness will be in his service and being in his presence. All the glory be to God, forever and ever, amen!

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