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Church Planting in a Small Town

A new focus It's been over two years this month since my last post. I've been busy and focused on many other things. But I miss it. I miss writing. It is so time consuming but also so rewarding. It helps focus my thoughts, reflect on what's going on in my life, and as I've been told by a few... some people enjoy reading my articles! But the other reason I feel I drifted away from writing is one of reasons people also drift away from reading. My blog didn't have a particular purpose or focus other than simply writing what was on my mind at the time. Starting today I've decided to change that. For reasons that will become clearer shortly (hopefully), going forward I have decided to focus my writing on a specific topic. Small town church planting. I plan on it being more informative than instructive. And I hope that it can serve in some small capacity to bring encouragement and insight to other church planters and pastors out there who are laboring through the ar…